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Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive oil is gathered from unripe olives and has an excellent nutritional and health value that is acknowledged worldwide, which makes it a “super-armor” for your body, along with its' fruity aroma and softly bitter flavor that brings the best out of a gourmet dish.Numbered bottling in dark UV glass to avoid photo-oxidation ensuring its' valiable phenols and ingredients.


Single Location: Gera Gulf Mountains

Single Variety: Kolovi also known as Valanolia and Mytilinia is indigenous to Lesvos

Early Harvest: November

Extraction: cold-pressed under 27°C, unfiltered

Attributes: well-balanced, fruity nose, mild Pungency/peppery sensation, 
fresh cut grass notes, gold wheat notes, vibrant gold color

Bottling: 250ml/500ml

Acidity: 0,35

Oleocanthal: 272 mg/Kg

Oleacein: 146 mg/Kg

Total hydroxytyrosol derivatives: 340 mg/Kg

Τotal derivatives of tyrosol: 533 mg/Kg


From the variety "Kolovi" and "Adramytiani" of olive oils and the mountainous areas of Lesvos comes the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the  golden colour, the rich aroma and the full flavor of the island to accompany your cuisine and gastronomical journey.

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